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Public Transport Scrached Glass Repair

Buses and Trains Scratched Glass Repair
Working closely with various companies in the industry we developed a more cost effective way or removing damage caused by graffiti vandalisim, using our unique repair system we remove Scratches, Acid Etching and Chemical Damage from buses and trains, we supply fit Scratch Guard to preven further damage to the glass.
We currently work in various buses and trains depots through out the UK, using our unique glass polishing system we developed we offer a full clean up service and a complete maintenance plan to provide a more cost effective solution of removing damage caused by graffiti vandalism. We also offer scratch guard window film to prevent further damage to the glass.

Every day vandals, and even extraordinary damage can mean expensive replacement cost, Glass Polish can repair glass and plastic surfaces on public transport for a far lower cost than a straight replacement, when items are treated with our system they come out looking as good as new.
Here is an Example of Removing Graffiti Scratches From a Double Decker Bus:
You can clearly see the deep graffiti scratches on this double decker bus top front screen, the damaged area measures approximately 1.5m wide by 0.5m high, and very noticeable on the surface of the glass:
Graffiti Scratches on a front screen of a london double decker bus

Our unique glass polishing process involves an iterative polising using progressively finer and finer polishing materials.
In this image you can see the initial polishing stage of the front screen, the graffiti scratches have been removed. You can clearly see the full damage area repaired:
Initial polishing of graffiti scratches from a london double decker to front screen

In this images you can see the final polishing stage, the final polishing process will bring out the original brilliance of the surface with no distortion whatsoever:
Polishing Stage of top front screen on a double decker bus
With just two hours work, and at a fraction of the replacement cost
Ultimately, after the final polishing the graffiti scratches are completely removed and the front screen looks better than new. There is no distortion, and the front screen has a brilliant scratch-free sheen:
Double decker top front screen graffiti scratch removal Complete